Stone Will The Obsidian Angels MC

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Duet Narration read by Jacob Morgan and Marnye Young 

Tread lightly, for what you awaken, even the demons fear.

Leadership is a mantle I never wanted, but when the responsibility is foisted upon me, I have no choice but to take the reins, at least until I can find a worthy replacement.

Even with newly found alliances that alter my very existence, I have every intention of returning to the shadows when my job is done. Until secrets surface that make it nearly impossible to ignore what’s been taken from me.

Our rules may be few, but the repercussions are swift and brutal when broken.

Stone Will is a Reverse Harem Standalone novel with a gargoyle female MC and three monstrous mates. This book is intended for adults readers it contains adult language and situations.

MC Syndicates is a shared universe, crafted by a set of USA Today and International Bestselling authors, that feature an array of paranormal species, savage dominant men, and strong heroines. These stories are all set in the same world and can be read within any order.



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