Seeing Sound

Duet Narration read by Jacob Morgan and Vanessa Moyen

I’m starting over.

Moving to a new town to start college, where I can try to be normal. Or at least pretend I am.

I’m willing to fake it, because I’m tired of trying to get better. Tired of spilling my guts to doctors and therapists to understand why I’ve heard voices since I was a child.

The meds are working… for now, but if they stop, I’ll never tell. I just want to live my life, and if that means ignoring why so many people think I’m crazy, so be it.


She’s the most silent storm I’ve ever witnessed.

Waylynn is as pretty as a picture, curvy, with hazel eyes that always seem to evade everyone’s gaze.

She’s been avoiding me since our first encounter, but fate intervenes and brings her right back to me… and my brother.

Now I need to know more.


Seeing Sound is the first book of the Tasting Madness Series. This is Whychoose novel with adult themes and situations.


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