Infinity Chronicles Book Three

Publication Date June 20, 2019
I’ve never been the normal girl. No matter how much I wanted to pretend I was.
I know why my mom moved us around every three months and acted like we were on the most-wanted list. We’ve been running from the man that should have protected us, a man that decided he wanted my mother to himself and all the power that came with her. A man that is probably my father.
Keeping me a secret from the Infinity community can’t last much longer. I’ve already bonded with half of my Infinity. Our lives are changing, my powers are growing as is my acceptance of who I really am.
Though nothing is ever simple. One of our group is reluctant to take his place beside me. I don’t know why he’s pushing me away, but I won’t be kept in the dark anymore. Not form my Infinity, not from anyone.
Slow Burn Reverse Harem MMFM


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