Beautiful Deceit

Publication Date August 15, 2018
Secrets are hard to keep and even harder to get over. 
My life is small, easy and uncomplicated.
Okay, so it’s also lonely and a little lackluster. But being safe from the past that haunts me is worth the tradeoff until I meet someone that makes me question if maybe I’m not ready to face the fears from my childhood.
Mysterious as he is handsome, Beau has an odd habit of disappearing just when I think I might be ready to let him in. Too bad the only man that’s ever made me question if I’m willing to hope for more seems to have just as many secrets as I do.
Trust isn’t easy, and it only gets harder when deceit and scandal rock what I thought I knew about him.
Neither of ours pasts are ready to let us go, and it might just turn deadly.
Beautiful Deceit is a duel POV contemporary romance. CW Abuse and stalking behavior from outside relationship.


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