Created in Chaos

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I thought I’d already lost everything, but life has a way of proving you wrong.

The moment I set my scuffed sneaker on Cadieux Island for College, my fate was sealed, but I there’s no way I could have prepared for what was coming.

I should have run when I attracted the Morningstar’s attention, ruthless twins that lord over the elite school and everyone in it. I thought I could handle them, or at least survive them, but now it seems I might not live without them.

They demand my allegiance, loyalty and devotion, but I’m afraid I’ll lose so much more to them.

Four founding families, entrenched in secrets and deep-rooted history, are locked in a never-ending cycle for power and domination, and I just became the pawn everyone wants to use, or get rid of.

Welcome to Cadieux Island where the weak get slaughtered and only the strong survive.

1 review for Created in Chaos

  1. April Lopez

    Wow just wow ! Love their story the love they share the three of them together is so beautiful and beautifully written! It was mysterious, funny, heartbreaking, and spicy! Words can’t express the love I have for these characters in this book ! Hope for more from them always love happy endings ❤️

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