Bitter Brambles

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I expected to die as soon as I stepped foot into the Ivy Institute, but dying would have been too easy.

Nothing at The Ivy is quite what it seems. Not the enigmatic demon whose touch kills everyone he touches, yet somehow saved my life the first day I arrived. Nor the dark deity combat instructor who vows to train me to survive the Undertaking. A deadly game held to entertain the Gods he’s forsaken.

The headmistress brought me here to be her secret weapon. She made it clear if I can’t be useful, I’ll be dead. When I’m torn from The Ivy and my mates, I’m certain she’s responsible.

Huddled in the icy cliffs of Mount Nivei lies Frostburn Institute where the cold will kill you nearly as fast as its inhabitants. 

Death seems inevitable, until an unlikely ally makes himself known. 

Please note: Bitter Brambles is a dark academia whychoose romance novel intended for mature audiences. 

1 review for Bitter Brambles

  1. Lina

    So excited! The first book was amazing!

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